Rhian Webb

      @judith-gorham. Thanks for you post. I had noticed that my Chinese students often hesitate when choosing either [personal] or [individual] and when we talked about it, there is not such a clear cut distinction in Chinese (their L1) and from this language prompt, I realize that the difference is really quite subtle but still enough to draw some rudimentary distinctions. Mine were the following distinction between the two words:

      Fill in the gaps with either [personal] / [individual]

      _______________ can be used to collocate with animate objects, such as, member, customer, employee, citizen etc. and inanimate objects like molecule and galaxy.


      _________________ can be used to collocate with inanimate objects, like computer, and also with abstract concepts, such as, prejudice and fulfilment.

      What do you think? I’d love to see if you agree or not….!