Brenda Allen

    I found this unit to be exemplary – so a resounding very, very, yes, yes to all four of the standard criteria. In case it is relevant for the future, I’d just add a quick note to say that I could not complete the Drag and Drop Activity in the Phases of Course Design section. (Although I did do it it in my head.)  It may be that I am again hampered by using a laptop, as the format was not navigable on my screen – making it impossible to drag the item and scroll up in order to drop it correctly.  I am certain this pronounced lack of contiguity will not have been the case for those who are working on larger screens.  Another point is that I was surprised to learn that this unit was of the more optional variety, as I would have thought it was fundamental to any aspect of course design.  Of course, the self study aspects are excellent, as ever, and can be accessed at any point.  However, there is quite a degree of interactivity built in which – as is the case with all the other units – does rely on participation in order to be wholly successful.