John Rustage

    Feedback on video S2670004

    Overall – a confident, purposeful conducting of the lesson; learners were engaged and cooperative and activities progressed smoothly in working towards the learning outcomes for the lesson (vocabulary extension and listening skills development)

    Phonology – modelling and light drilling of pronunciation of ‘bleach’ and ‘wipe’
    Concept Qs re. to bleach (hair) and ‘messy’ v ‘tidy’
    Word class distinctions – to wipe / a wipe to bleach / bleach (uncountable noun)

    Areas to work on:-
    Perhaps be a little more generous with time for group work (preparing for listening) eg – 2-3 mins (not 1 min)
    (Later, the time allowed for discussion – 3 mins. was more generous)
    Asking Ss to highlight ‘key words and phrases’ – could ‘scaffold’ this activity by eliciting 2-3 example key words / phrases before the 2nd listening.