Anastasios Asimakopoulos

    Hi @vera-t

    Very good question! I actually didn’t know it works without the dot. I usually put both because in other corpora the tags don’t work without both the dot and the asterisk.

    Now, what I discovered though is that not adding the dot gives much  fewer results:

    [tag=”R.*”]  gave me 335,222 hits

    [tag=”R*”]  gave me 203,447 hits

    Is it a matter of quantity just? No, I examined the Frequency to see what “sub-tags” each search includes:

    [tag=”R.*”] gives us a wider variety of adverb types e.g. RL (locative adverb), RG (degree adverbs),  – see link

    [tag=”R*”] gives us only RR (general adverbs) and RRR (comparative adverbs) – see link

    So, I am assuming this would be the case for other searches without the dot – N.* will give you more types of nouns as opposed to N*

    I hope this helps.