Vera Duncanson

      Hello everyone

      I’ve really enjoyed building various CQL sequences and can see a lot of potential applications of this tool. For example, exploring passive structures. To give myself a more challenging task, I imagined students who are struggling with past participles of irregular verbs (that’s why past participles ending in -ed are excluded). I want to practise present/past simple/perfect but not progressive as it’s not common in the passive, and I also want to exclude passive infinitives after modal verbs leaving them for another time:

      present/past simple/perfect passive + past participle of irregular verbs

      [lemma=”be” & word!=”be|being”][tag=”VVN.*” & word!=”.*ed”]

      Here is my link.

      Note: has/have/had are not included in the KWIC

      It wasn’t difficult to build after reading the guide and practising the tasks in this unit. Now I need to keep practising not to forget :-)