Samuel Pealing

    I am a little embarrassed to be starting this course so late, but we haven’t started our winter break here in Taiwan yet and it’s been a bit of a busy time! I have really enjoyed this first unit, and it has opened my eyes a little to how simple and accessible corpus study can be made.


    1) Given the context you teach in, how realistic would it be for you to do similar activities with your students? Are there any technical limitations and how could you adapt to them?

    This would be realistic and I have done corpus work with students before but not this directed. I wouldn’t face any technical limitations because with enough planning, I could book a computer room.

    2) Watching the lesson, are there any tips or ideas you’ve learnt that you feel you could use in your own classroom?

    Something I hadn’t thought about was going from wordcloud to webcorp to flax. I tend to only use flax, but I really like the idea of working up to flax by using simpler and tools like wordcloud and webcorp.