Samuel Pealing

      Three things I learnt:

      1. That students do not need to be completely trained in using corpora to use them. They don’t even need to know what they are in detail.
      2. That corpora can be used to go beyond teaching collocations and vocabulary partnerships, but can be used to help students to identify and use complex grammatical constructions.
      3. That there are only a few books on how to use corpora in language teaching.

      Two things I found interesting:

      1. I really like the idea of using corpora for teaching grammar patterns, and I feel that this can be used to take vocabulary learning a step further into being a way to encourage students to use new language.
      2. I found out about the tool ‘Hot Potato’ which seems like a very useful tool.

      One thing I’m not sure about:

      Something that I teach in business English classes is how to write emails or letters, and I feel that corpora would be really useful here, but I’m not sure if there are any business English based corpora. Similarly, I’m also interested in creating materials for EMI training, and I wonder if there are any appropriate corpora for that.