Vasiliki Zinonos
    1. Padlet use was effective for students. Engagement depends on a lot of things not just the ease or interest of use of software. I’d say it depends on the learner, knowledge of subject-topic, but also the kind of learning habits students learn to develop over the course, as well as the rapport that teacher establishes with them. All in all, students find it easy to add information to Padlet.
    2. I was very confident setting up the task with students. I guess some of the challenges are student-monitoring and coordination, also ensuring everyone is contributing while having online group work. The teacher needs to move from group to group, while in BO rooms, which takes time to ensure everyone in on the right page and engaging with the tasks.
    3. Padlet is a good way to enhance knowledge, promote contribution and engagement, as they can view each other’s responses and exchange ideas.