Karolina Jasinska

      I am not teaching this week but I will reflect on a couple of activities I did with my students in previous weeks.

      I had asked my students to do something very similar to what we did on this course, namely posting something about themselves on the padlet. That worked really well and students engaged with each other by asking and answering questions. It was also a good way for me to introduce myself to them. I created my post before I asked them to add theirs and that worked as an example. It was also an introduction to using padlet as they could explore some of the functions available to use. They didn’t find it difficult to navigate it once they had a bit of time to play around with it at home. Since then we’ve been using padlet regularly. I have used padlet many times before and I am very familiar with it but I remember that it was quite easy to set activities up when I first started using it.

      One of the other activities was the students having to record themselves and post the recordings on the padlet. They were practising pronunciation, word stress and intonation for their upcoming presentations. The next task was to comment and give each other feedback in groups. I think using padlet worked really well for this task because students were more confident recording their mini presentations in the comfort of their homes. It definitely took a lot of the pressure off.