Nick Murgatroyd

    Thanks for all your replies @vasiliki @catherine21 @karolinajas @jameshanlon and @jamie which provide a variety of ideas for how we might use Padlet. They highlight the versatility of Padlet as a tool for learning, whether in or out of classroom time, before or after a lesson.

    It’s good to see that several of you mention how more confident students can often assist the less confident ones, though obviously we still need to do our best as teachers to set up and scaffold any activities we ask them to do – expecting our students to be “digital natives” doesn’t mean we can assume they know their way around every program they’ll ever encounter, or instinctively know how to use it for our lesson purposes.

    There are a couple of people mentioning the ability to use columns in padlet. Are there any activities you can think of that particularly lend themselves to one format of padlet over another, e.g. is a discussion board best set up as a grid (like our introduction padlet) or as a freeform space?

    Finally, James raises an interesting question about anonymity. How do you feel about whether or not students post their names with their content? Are there times when anonymity would be a benefit to students and/or the teacher, and are there times when we would actively want to prohibit it?