Fasih Raza

      Which of the two tools do you think would be most useful to use with your students? Why?

      I think Quizlet is a better one due its dual features – testing and teaching. Through Quizlet students can learn on their own pace with their own preffered modality – written or oral, matching or writing answers. However, I’m not sure if Quizlet gives teachers a report of what student did with a quiz.

      Can you think of a lesson you taught recently where one of these tools could have made the lesson more engaging for the students?

      Recently I taught a lesson to develop students discussions skills in academic contexts. We analyzed language and then my students used that language in a discussion. However, they quickly forgot the words and phrases which we analyzed. I think if I used Quizlet to practise the language, they could have processed it deeply and remember it for longer.

      Do any of these tools seem particularly suited for EAP students (rather than just general EFL students)?

      Academic vocabulary lists can easily be memorized using Quizlet.

      Can you see any potential problems/issues with using either of these tools with EAP students?

      Other than being distractive, I can’t think any other issues.