Catherine Lewis

      I have not used Quizlet or Socratic in the classroom.

      Which of the two tools do you think would be most useful to use with your students? Why?

      I agree with Fasih in that Quizlet seems to be the better of the two. It seems to be the more versatile of the two.

      Do any of these tools seem particularly suited for EAP students (rather than just general EFL students)?

      Quizlet could be used as a quick rounding off activity at the end of an EAP class, as part of asynchronous activities before a class or to review vocabulary at the beginning of a class. Quizlet could also be used to consolidate vocabulary when supporting the teaching of academic subjects such as business or media studies.   It could also be used with foundation students who generally  have weaker English language skills.

      Can you see any potential problems/issues with using either of these tools with EAP students?

      I’m not sure that memorising vocabulary lists really helps students to learn in the long term (deep learning) it seems more akin to surface learning. Also, some EAP students may not like ‘fun activities’ as they are too similar to EFL type games and may regard the activities as a waste of time.  However, all learners have different learning styles so these tools may suit some learners. Therefore, it may be a good idea to use these tools as asynchronous learning aids.