Thanks @James @Fasih and @Catherine for sharing your views and thoughts. Quizlet and Socrative can be useful assessment tools on various ELT courses including EAP. As @Fasih and @James pointed out quizlet allows students more autonomy in their approach to learning vocabulary i.e. flashcards, testing themselves, games, spelling practice, audio/pronunciation, etc. In this way, quizlet provides Ss with multiple encounters with the target items which could potentially aid with retention. Thus, Quizlet lends itself to an individual approach to learning and could be used before or after tasks, depending on your aims and purposes e.g. working on keywords before reading an academic article or watching an online lecture. In terms of classroom management, Socrative seems to offer a few advantages over quizlet. These include:

    • using it as a formal assessment tool (online or in a downloadable PDF version)
    • providing teachers with real-time formative feedback to check students’ understanding and progress thus helping to identify areas of difficulties.
    • engaging students with in-class fun (competitive) quizzes (Space race) if appropriate.
    • Creating different rooms for different groups
    • Sharing quizzes with other colleagues to import and adapt according to their learners needs.

    @Catherine, you make a good point that our use of technology should be underpinned by a sound pedagogical approach informed by the learning context and aimed at accomodating learner needs and styles.