Catherine Lewis

    Hello everyone

    I tried using Quizlet to revise informal versus formal vocabulary for my IELTS class in terms of writing task 2.  I used some flashcards that were already available on Quizlet due to time constraints. This is a particularly important area of vocabulary as many students are under the impression that IELTS writing should be informal. I put the activity on the VLE for students to access asynchronously with some written instructions.  A couple of students found it difficult to flip the flashcards so were unable to do the first activity. So we went over it in class and I put students into breakout rooms to try out the different activities on Quizlet.  I think these were good awareness raising activities of the need to use informal vocab. In the future I will try to create my own activities.

    I am still not too familiar with the notion of SAMR but I will have a go. The flash cards/matching activities  would seem to refer to Substitution/Augmentation of a paper-based activity without the need to cut up pieces of paper before a lesson . So I feel the activity was enhanced by the use of technology as students could complete this activity as many times they wanted asynchronously and they could use it on their own. In addition, vocabulary is tested in many different ways which is also very helpful. (Gravity would seem to be an additional fun activity that students may or may not choose to do depending on their learning styles).

    If these activities are used in breakout rooms, it means that students from different countries can work together so there would be a sense of Modification (I think). Quizlet can also be used to check spelling which is very important for IELTS (and EAP). If all the activities are completed, Quizlet is a good tool for students to consolidate vocabulary sets either on their own or with other students. Redefinition could be a follow up activity whereby students work in groups to read a student essay and highlight informal vocabulary and then make suggestions as to how to make the writing more formal using the chat function.  But I suppose this might be clearer with the use of GoogleDocs or Padlet. So maybe integrating  Quizlet with other online learning tools would be a good idea.