xu ping

      Hello, everyone,

      From my own perfective, I hope I can use both these two learning devices  to  get my students  involved both in pre-class ,in-class and after-class activities. As for Quizlet , I think  I can use flashcard function  to help my sutdents to get familiar with the  new words and phrases in the reading text before class. But when it comes to face to face instructions , I ‘d like to use its quizelet live/spelling/matching functions as a lead-in activity to assess their leaning.and  after that I might use the Socrative for a comprehensive online test, as we can have more choices to make on this app. When testing, I can choose questions by myself, including multiple choice, short answer,T/F etc.. and also the testing time and space is of no limit. Students can do it on their own either in class or after class.