Karolina Jasinska

    Hi everyone,

    1. I decided to use Socrative and I created a quiz checking requirements and deadlines for one of my students’ assessments. I used it at the end of the class to check how much they remembered and to find out what I needed to spend time on in the coming classes. I really like that I can see the results for every individual student and that I know which parts they struggled with (in Socrative Reports section).

    2. I think the use of Socrative made the quiz more entertaining (gamified instead of using paper) and generally enhanced the experience. I’d say that definitely counts as Augmentation. I tried to come up with something that would take it up to the next level but couldn’t think of anything more I could do with Socrative. That’s why I asked my students to use the padlet to post some post-quiz reflections and comments regarding what they still need to work on re their assessment. I think this could possibly be considered Modification but I did cheat and used two different tools.