Ling Yao

    Using Padlet can be very effective way to manage learning and teaching in large EFL language classroom.

    For early stages of  language development, it is not easy to encourage students to engage in meaningful conversations. My students, though adult learners, are not very proficient language speakers, thus, it is not a easy task for me to effectively manage the learning in large language classroom.

    Information gap can be used as an efficient strategy to elicit more meaning language output. A pair o a small group of three to four students can work together to carry out an authentic task. ” Each student has a certain amount of information that, when combined with the information from the rest of the group, will lead to the completion of an assignment.”

    With the help of Padlet, the teacher no longer needs to prepare envelops with different pieces of information contained in them. These learning materials can  be posted in advance in a much easier way.

    For teachers who are working in Large EFL language classrooms, it could be a real alleviation.