Catherine Lewis

    Hello everyone

    I think an advantage of using these tools is that students can work at their own pace and at a time that suits them. They can also listen to the video as many times as they want and pause it if they want to. The teacher is also able to understand the needs of the students as there is a breakdown of the results.  A possible disadvantage is the amount of preparation that is required. Also, some students may not be motivated to do the activities before the class or they may feel isolated doing the activities on their own.

    These use of these tools in a flipped classroom may mean that class time can be used more productively. Previously, time may have been spent watching a video in class/or listening to an audio recording and then students answering questions and if time permitted a discussion. With the flipped approach, more time can be spent on discussion and critical thinking skills as  the teacher will know the problems students had in advance and can plan the lesson accordingly.

    I think that some students would really enjoy this approach and understand the benefits. Other students, however, may have problems managing their time and may not have time to complete the activities. Or they may not be motivated to study on their own. These tools would be better embedded in a full-time EAP course such as a pre-sessional course so that the amount of work students are required to do can be better monitored.