James Hanlon

    1) As Catherine has said above, a major advantage is ss being able to go at their own pace. I’d also suggest that this individual responsibility would be beneficial in developing student autonomy and reflective learning practices. Disadvantages might be access. Students will have to sign up for eg the ant video website, and then may forget their passwords. This has just happened to one of my students!

    2) One thing I like about these tools is that they have an “in the wider world” kind of feel to them. Ss ought to realise that they can use any and all situations as learning situations, and going to publicly available websites for hwk/in-class activities might help foster this realisation.

    3) I think students would enjoy the novelty if nothing else. Using  a variety of tools can keep things fresh, but there is also the risk of platform fatigue. I’m not sure if the younger generation would feel this as keenly though.