Zhijin Yin

    Padlet is a typical tech that push  students to get used to a new way of learning which involves autonomous learning and collaborative learning. What teachers should work on is to polish their teaching planning to engage students more in all activities and help them develop self-learning strategies.

    Before the class, some background information materials, including videos, articles and etc. can be posted. During the class, padlet can serve as a visual classroom where all students can express their opinions either by typing or uploading videos, which give students more time and space to think, especially for those shy and less confident students. But as we mentioned above, how to engage more students and  control  the class pace is really a challenge for teachers. Sometimes it seems so time-consuming to complete a task, and it’s frustrating that some students are very reluctant to get involved. What’s more, some students complain  these techs such as padlet brings more burden on them because of all kinds of pre- and after- class tasks.