Hi @catherine21

      Thanks for reporting on your experience with TED Ed.

      With TED Ed, students have the option of signing up for an account or just choosing a nickname (according to their terms of use learners under 13 can’t create an account). If Ss sign up for an account, they’ll be able to take part in both the multiple choice (Think section) and discussion and the teacher can send feedback. With a username, Ss are required to complete the video in one session and they won’t be able to participate in the discuss section either. Feedback is also not possible because TED has no contact details (email) they can use to get in touch and pass on the teacher’s feedback. I’m sharing more information from the TED Ed support page.

      As you say, this goes to show how important it is to give clear and step-by-step instructions on how to access and use the video tool as well as the task.