Anastasios Asimakopoulos

    Thank you for sharing @chris-richards and @deefree.

    Chris, interesting point about the use of technology requiring more of a cultural shift. Would that be the case for students only, or do you feel that teachers in your context would need to be convinced too? It is indeed a great step towards being greener; this is pushed a lot here in Sheffield and I would assume in many other HE institutions in the UK. And it suits our flipped learning approach really well, with students preparing tasks before the classroom using their own devices and coming to class ready to discuss their answers and ideas.

    Diana, that’s a very good point. It is important to be aware of the limitations of corpora e.g. size, age, language variety/text types, etc. and how they match our research questions. By the way, BNC2014 has been released, but it is only available via Lancsbox X (currently it includes a KWIC function only). I was reading an article about the BNC2014 complication and I was impressed by the amount of work put in to develop it. But, to go back to your search, I checked BNC2014 and found the following frequencies (in case you are wondering):

    • wifi occurs 489 times with the relative frequency of 0.05 times per 100k words
    • wireless occurs 1,115 times with the relative frequency of 0.11 times per 100k words
    • Google occurs 4,085 times with the relative frequency of 0.41 times per 100k words