Anastasios Asimakopoulos

    @deefree I’m your typical teacher who can’t resist but go try to find the answer haha I can see some examples e.g. turn off the wireless, I heard on the wireless, programme on the wireless, but it’s hard for me to count the frequency with certain functions missing from Lancsbox X. I would need to manually examine all lines of the wireless not followed by a noun.

    Regarding Webcorp, I can’t find the answer anywhere on the webpage, but I just pasted 15 double-spaced pages from my dissertation and it worked, so I am assuming that there isn’t a word limit. Also, good to hear you are already using AntConc with your students. I love the new interface – so much faster and clearer, works with Macs now, not to mention the fact that they added two general English corpora, BE06 and AmE06. I am guessing TESOL students are very motivated in using corpora, right?