Catherine Lewis


      Here are my thoughts about using Moodle.

      When teaching face-to-face I used a booklet which was prepared by me or another member of staff. When switching to online teaching it was my aim to present the booklet in a more interactive way both asynchronously and synchronously.   In terms of asynchronous materials, I initially just put some pre-class activities in a folder in PDF/word format for students to read. So basically, if we think about the SAMR model, it would seem to be an example of substitution. Then the following year I included some video links, padlet activities, Google quizzes and more recently quizlet.

      To combine some of the above ideas, I would like to learn how to use the lesson icon on Moodle.  I would be able to create an asynchronous lesson that would be more systematic, engaging to students and more memorable. I would like to start with a (Doodle) video so that students would know the aims of the lesson and an overview of the content. Then students would be able to work through the materials in their own time. The materials could include some quizzes (multiple choice) and drag and drop activities. Using the Moodle lesson icon seems like it would be very time-consuming to set up and difficult to achieve as other Moodle icons such as H5p would also be needed. But this is my aim for the next academic year.

      However, I think it is also important not to overload students with too much information on Moodle as I think this can be very demotivating/demoralising for them. The activities need to take into account the level of the students, how much time is needed to complete the activities and what they really need to know to progress in their studies. I really think there can be a tendency to present too much information on Moodle.

      I definitely agree that change happens one step at a time.

      PS The link  ‘how to embed things in your VLE’ doesn’t seem to work.