Anastasios Asimakopoulos

      Hi @deefree

      Thank you for this question. Our course will not be affected since we are working with a free corpus, BAWE, and you will continue to have access to it regardless – we took that into consideration when we designed the course back in 2020. You can see all the corpora you can access for free here https://app.sketchengine.eu/#open. There used to be about 9 a few years ago, but they have added a few more free corpora. However, as your colleague mentioned, the ELEXIS-funded full membership you have via your institution will expire in June. This is the message you get from SketchEngine when you log in:

      All accounts at your institution will close down on June 22, 2022. Take steps now to keep your access.

      I have contacted UoS to see if they are planning to buy an institutional membership, but I think they are still looking into it. So, you are only affected if you wanted to use other corpora that aren’t free e.g. BNC, EnglishWeb, etc. or created your own corpus. I looked into the pricing for individual memberships in the UK. It’s 89.99 € per year and you get one million words for your own corpus; any additional words is 13.20 € per million words.