Lu Ye

    Currently I’m teaching a course named An Integrated English Course to freshmen and sophomores who major in English in a Chinese university. In this course, we’re using articles (mostly selected from famous writers’ works or prominent magazines) to help students learn grammar, vocabulary and improve their language skills. To be frank, technology is not a problem. The problem is how to make these activities efficient. If I want to use the tools to teach vocabulary, I was wondering whether it is better for me to teach students how to use these tools so that they can check the frequency of collocations by themselves, or to pull out the concordances for them to find out the collocations in class? Or maybe we can ask the students to teach the words by using the tools themselves?

    Yes, I think it’s quite enlightening to learn about the use of wordclouds. I guess I can use it to analyze the students’ writing so as to help them avoid too many repetitions in writing.