Jamie Sullivan

      Some interesting thoughts above.

      1 What are the possible advantages and disadvantages of using these tools with our students?

      Advantages 😊

      Allows students to students can work at their own pace and thus develops autonomy

      Facilitate students in working at a time that suits them.

      Allows students to pause and rewind the content.


      Disadvantages ☹

      Some of the group may feel isolated doing the activities on their own.

      Some students may not be motivated to do the activities before the class

      Individual students may fall behind and become stressed without a Tutor readily at hand

      Struggling students may be less easily identified


      2 What do these tools offer that perhaps traditional listening lessons can’t?

      Time efficiency in terms of maximising the productive engagement time in the classroom context

      Allows students to interact with the content as much as they wish – perhaps this would be an issue depending on the aims of activities such as listening tasks etc.

      Perhaps they encourage some peer interaction outside of the classroom context which encourages per-to-peer learning and class camaraderie

      3 How do you think your students would react to a lesson using one of these tools?

      In my 1:1 lessons it is difficult to say, I think perhaps it would be useful to clarify issues/areas of concern and provide some useful resources that students could then consult autonomously

      It could be useful for me to assign videos to prep students for input in the particular area of focus for a given session e.g. watch a video about best practice in note taking in a lecture etc.