Chris Richards

    I looked at ‘task 1’.

    • The task use corpora to nicely demonstrate a generally greater likelihood of one-word verbs over multi-word verbs (phrasal verbs) in academic writing. Having students look this up themselves in the BAWE allows them to see for themselves which is the more likely choice.
    • As I don’t know what context the task was designed for so I can’t comment much on the effectiveness of the instructions, however, I do think that the instructions are clear.
    • The task was laid out logically and clearly.
    • As I noted above with the task purpose, I felt that the use of the corpus was effective for leading to learning. I think the way the links were built-in to the task and the fact that students themselves didn’t have to seach the corpus meant it was also very student-friendly.
    • I mentioned links already. As for the answer key, for task 1B it was clearly laid out. For task 1A I thought it was interesting that the notes remind the teacher that not everything is straightforward and that carry out was more likely than conduct.