Anna Smajdor


      I think that the answers to Question 4 (A Guide to Flax) about the 5 most frequent phrases apart from “young people” are not:

      a) in Wikipedia:

      youngest people 44; talented young people 26; young people ages 16; several young people 12; young gay people 10


      younger people 426; Young people 48; youngest people 44; local young people 42; disadvantaged young people 31.

      b) in standard English (BNC)”:

      young black people 16; Younger people 8; disadvantaged young people 6; talented young people 5; bright young people 4


      Young people 158, younger people 145, young black people 16, young disabled people 14, homeless young people 10.

      I am aware that it is not the most important thing and I hope I am not wrong. I just wanted to show that although I am a little bit late :scratch: I am doing the exercises ;-) .