Paul Middlemas

      How did you do in the task?

      –        All correct, but definitely not straightforward.

      What do you think the purpose of the task was?

      –        To offer a more visual representation of how a corpus tool works, so sts can more easily see relationships between words.

      –        Perhaps makes the idea of using corpora more appealing and accessible when displayed this way.

      –        Display benefits of learning new language with its collocates and in context (and perhaps introduces the idea of recording new language this way), rather than learning words in isolation.

      How would you adapt the task if you had to use it in class?

      –        I might change the level / topics.

      –        Perhaps reducing the amount of language in each circle…

      What activity would you do as a follow up? (something that involves the use of Word Sketch and/or Concordancing)

      –        There could be a follow up task (such as a gap fill) so that students can identify/place the words in context.

      –        With Word Sketch, students choose a word closely connected to their discipline and create their own visuals. They could perhaps recreate this activity for their peers to complete….