Diana Freeman

    I seem to be struggling with Word Sketch Difference…I have clearly misunderstood something

    1. Cause / affect:

    problem (object of cause) has a frequency of 144 but a zero typicality score

    business (object of affect) has zero frequency (in which case why is it there?) and a typicality score of 24

    2. Problem / issue:

    looking at the modifier column fundamental is the first word on the list (freq 41, typicality 6).

    if I click for more, fundamental moves from a collocate of problem to the grey list for both problem and issue.

    I also don’t understand the order of words that appear. They don’t seem to be in order of frequency, or typicality (or alphabetical).

    Looking at the answers, am I right in deducing that if the frequency score is higher than the typicality score then the collocation is stronger with the first word (problem) and when the typicality score is higher than the frequency score then the strength of collocation is with the second word (issue)?

    Thanks for any guidance (sorry)