Karolina Jasinska

      Hi all,

      A bit late but here it is. I asked my students to watch one of the short talks on TEDEd. I searched for a talk connected to the topic of money and happiness because that was the topic students were going to discuss later on in class in their seminar discussions. ‘Would winning the lottery make you happier?’ was the one I went for. I thought that students were going to be intrigued by the title and they were. Most of them watched the TedTalk and came prepared with the answers to the questions in the Discuss section. It definitely helped activate the schemata and prepare them for a more in-depth discussion on the topic.

      This task wasn’t very difficult to set up as I have used TEDEd with my students before. But I do agree that the first time this tool is used in class, it is worth sending some time showing students all the different sections (Watch, Think, Dig deeper, Discuss). In term of the SAMR model, I think this kind of activity would probably represent Augmentation, being more interesting to complete online.