Jamie Sullivan

    Are there any mobile apps that you think (might) work well in an EAP context?
    There are a number of apps that I think might work well in an EAP context. In my experience students have reported suing the Microsoft Lens app to record their lectures. It is particularly useful as it allows images of the whiteboard/screen to be converted into pdf format to refer to later. I have utilised the Kahoot! App for consolidation activities at the end of lessons. Another useful app is Canva that provides templates for academic posters which could allow EAP students to prepare presentations.

    Are there any ideas suggested in the unit so far that you might like to try out with your EAP students?
    I would like to try some of the practical applications of using mobile phones in the classroom. In particular perhaps the notes function for quick note taking and the voice memo function for feedback, notes etc. I would also be interested in utilising apps such as Anki that facilitate the creation of flashcards.

    If you are teaching online, how can mobile devices support your teaching and your students’ learning?
    An obvious way in which mobile devices could support teaching and learning in an online context regards asynchronous activities. Perhaps asking students to use Anki to create flashcards to revise key terms. Directing students to useful podcasts, audiobooks or perhaps using a phone to blog might be useful.