Jamie Sullivan

      How effective was your use of mobile phones with the students? Did they engage with it? Find it interesting?

      I decided to try to incorporate using the Anki app for smartphones in to one of my 1:1 lessons this week. A student studying nursing asked for help revising her anatomy module topics prior to an online MCQ next week. I decided to use the Anki app to show my student how to create flashcards as the topic required her to revise several key terms/definitions. The advantage of an app that allows students create their own revision materials is that it encourages student autonomy which is a key facet of the service we provide in the SpLD department. We are also advised to encouraged proactive development of strategies and skills with our students so that the very process of applying new approaches such as using flashcards for revision will further assist retention of the information.

      How confident did you feel setting up the task with the students? Did you experience any difficulties?

      I had seen Anki used before, so I was confident about setting it up. Sharing my screen created some lag in the connection over Google Meet but it was only temporary. I decided to talk my student through the process, take a break and allow her to create her set and then return to discuss possible ways to utilise the app/flashcards moving forward. This approach worked well, though it was time consuming and the 50 minute session went by quite quickly which did not allow much time for other issues she was having.

      Do you think that using mobiles added anything to the students’ learning and engagement with the lesson?

      I think it certainly did add to the student’s learning and engagement during this lesson. The student felt using the app was “something different” and “worth trying something new to see how it goes, especially with having to do so much revising o this course”. The student also mentioned that she would try to use Anki in the future for other topics.