I looked at Task 1 and here is my evaluation.

    • The task intends to enable the students to discover for themselves the common verb forms (phrasal verbs or single-word verbs) accepted in academic writing. I like how this purpose is simply but subtly incorporated into the task. The task also aims at building on the students’ existing knowledge of the commonly used verb forms in academic writing before getting them to discover the concept.
    • The instructions given are clear and succinct.
    • The task is designed coherently and logically; the fact that it is building on the students’ existing knowledge makes the task logical and intelligible.
    • This teacher-controlled task seems to be keeping the students in control. The corpus tools used include the advanced option of searching for words and phrases and not lemma; if lemma was chosen, all forms of these verbs would have been shown. The fact that the corpus web tools are integrated into the task also makes the task controlled and user-friendly. It also makes it more direct, allowing the students to stay in focus – to identify frequencies of these two types of verb forms used in academic writing.
    •  Yes, an answer key is included, and the links are embedded into the task.