Anastasios Asimakopoulos

    Thank you for your post @osanka_r

    Yes, I liked how the links were embedded by using a hyperlink. However, two of them did not work i.e. conduct and decrease won’t load, and I am assuming that the links weren’t copied/pasted correctly.

    As for whether phrasal verbs are accepted in academic writing, I would assume that the task aims to show that they aren’t as frequent as their Latinate equivalents and should perhaps be avoided, apart from carry out. One could also design a task where students compare phrasal verbs in BAWE and BASE, the British Academic Speaking English corpus. For example, go up occurs 57 times with the relative frequency of 6.84 times per million tokens in BAWE and 163 times with the relative frequency of 92.8 times per million tokens in BASE (I am using the relative frequency here since the two corpora are of different sizes).  So, the phrasal verb go up is approximately 13.5 times more frequent in academic speaking than in academic writing. Just an observation in case you wanted to explore this further.