Paul Middlemas

    Wordlist / N-Grams

    What did you discover when using the tool? (you can report any findings from your searches)

    In Concordance I spent some time looking at the ‘text type’ options and found this section quite interesting. I think the Course Title and Text Genre options could be very useful. Wordlist and N-Grams seems clear.


    How easy did you find the tool?

    The multitude of options available make it quite easy to forget what you were looking for in the first place and to find yourself down a rabbit hole :) So I spent a lot of time clicking around. I’m not sure if it’s a case of easy/hard, but I definitely need to spend some more focussed time exploring the variety of functions available. I think I’m becoming more comfortable with the basics but I’m still a little bit confused by some of the settings (e.g. KWIC Tags).


    How would you use the tool (course/materials development, hands-on tasks in class, self-access for students, etc.) and why?

    I’m still starting to consider ideas for this. One quite basic idea might be to use it as a noticing or exploring activity in class in order to build students’ range of specific phrases or lexis . An example might be if you were teaching modals for hedging/cautious language. I typed ‘could’ on N-Grams and selected frequency minimum of 4 words and got the list of phrases. Quite simple but I think this could be shown to students how the words are used in context most frequently,  and they could then explore it themselves using other modals (or whatever the TL is.).