Anna Smajdor

    Three things I learnt from the article.

    1. The choice of the ‘soft approach’ to use corpora in the classroom is a happy medium when the teacher has to follow a syllabus and a course book. Now, ‘soft approach’ seems to be the right direction in using corpora in my teaching.
    2. Corpora are a precious source of inspiration for teachers, especially when they want to respond to their learners’ needs.
    3. I did not realize that corpora used to be so underestimated in teaching English as the author says. On the other hand, it does not seem that teaching with corpora is very popular in my professional environment.

    Two things I found interesting:

    1. I found it interesting that the author noticed the discrepancy between classes conducted by linguists and normal language teachers. Deservedly, these two groups of teachers are treated in the article separately.
    2. Another interesting aspect of the article is, in fact, the author’s approach towards the use of corpora in teaching. They are regarded as the source of authentic examples and inspiration for teachers when they prepare more customized exercises for their groups.

    One thing you are still not sure about:

    1. I am not convinced that individual ‘hands-on’ corpus consultation is an efficient way of working with students when they are members of a larger group. At least part of such individual practical corpus consultations should be done in class.