Anna Smajdor


    this is my little contribution to the discussion:

    1) We have access to projectors and the internet. If I wanted to work in the way presented in the video, I would have to implement a BYOD solution like Chris Richards.

    2) First, it did not seem to me that I could use much. However, after reading the article by Ana Frankenberg-Garcia I think I could try out most of the activities presented but not at one time. My groups’ classes take place once a week, I have a syllabus to follow and a set course book. I usually work on two or more skills in one class. Besides, taking into consideration my little experience with corpus exercises, I would start with adding single short exercises to the material my students with my help have to cover, for example: word clouds either before reading a text to predict its contents or to summarize a text / video we analysed a week earlier, WebCorp to look at the language in the analysed texts and with more advanced groups (interested in writing) to look at the language of the texts written by the students, Flax to consider various aspects of studied vocabulary, etc.