Diana Freeman

    Here is my structure:

    it (would/could/might etc – all modal verbs)  have been/done/seen etc – all past participles + adjective


    My CQL:


    Tag 1 = “it” as the start of a sentence or clause

    Tag 2 = all modal auxiliary verbs

    Tag 3 = have (infinitive)

    Tag 4 = all past participles

    Tag 5 = all adjectives

    It worked first time, but I spent a while putting it together before I entered the sequence into CQL

    I don’t know why I’m struggling to supply a link (sorry).  There were 5 examples of this combination in the BAWE corpus:

    1) It might have seemed logical…for the UK to…

    2) …discourage active resistance at a time when it would have involved useless sacrifices

    3) It would have seemed wise to attempt to standardise this at an earlier date

    4) if compassion were a truly altruistic moral action it may have saved moral value from contempt…

    5) …there are also equally valid reasons as to why it could have limited analytical use in this field.