Anastasios Asimakopoulos

    Hello @deefree thank you for your great questions.

    Regarding the error you get, it sounds like it is the double quotation marks. Do they look like this in Word:“ ” ? If yes, then this is the problem. CQL only works with ” ” I am guessing this is why you get the same message for the sequence it + modal + be.

    Regarding the tagsets, yes the two corpora are using different versions of CLAWS. BNC has been tagged with Version 5 (see tagset), while BAWE uses CLAWS Version 7 (see tagset). There are slight differences, such the modal verbs as you mentioned i.e. VM0 (Version 5) – VM (Version 7). You can always click on the button TAGS when you are typing a CQL and that takes you to the tagset the corpus has been tagged with.

    Finally, a very good question, lemma or word? Both are fine but it depends on what you want to include in your results.

    [lemma=”it”] will include all forms of it i.e. it and It, so essentially you are looking for the structure at the beginning or the middle of the sentence. On the other hand, [word=”it”] will include only the form it, so you won’t see any examples of the structure at the beginning of a sentence. Similarly, [word=”It”] will only give you results at the beginning of the sentence. So, essentially it is up to you. I think we included both in the tasks.