Anna Smajdor

      Task 2

      Purpose/learning objectives:

      • to work with vocabulary for describing graphs, in particular verbs and adverbs.

      Task instructions:

      • are clearly expressed;
      • the graph seems a little bit too complex for language practice.


      • Although I like the general idea behind the task, I would modify the layout. First, I would ask students to make a list of verbs they know with which they could describe the graph. Next, they could describe the graph with them. Then they could work on examples from the corpus. Finally, after analysing corpus examples, students could improve their initial descriptions with the structures they have learnt during the analysis.

      Corpus techniques used

      • The list of verbs from BAWE that describe how rate changed meets only part of my expectations. Students may not know how to use the words in sentences. Additionally, there is nothing about adverbs that describe pace of change. This is why I have presented an alternative version of Part B in the previous post.

      Any links or answer keys included

      • Neither links nor answer key are included.