Anna Smajdor


      • How did you do in the task?

      8/8. First, I looked for similarities among 8 collocates. Then I compared each pair with vocabulary sets in the visuals.

      • What do you think the purpose of the task was?

      The task could be an interesting introduction to a class about disciplinary languages. You can show students with this task that there are both similarities and differences between language variations.

      • How would you adapt the task if you had to use it in class?

      After doing the exercise students could read 4 short texts that represent each disciplinary language.

      • What activity would you do as a follow up? (something that involves the use of Word Sketch and/or Concordancing)

      Then their task could be to look for other words common in all four variations such as develop. Then we would compare students’ answers with the search results obtained with Sketch Engine.