Anna Smajdor


      I would like to discuss the wordlist tool.

      For years I used to teach my students from different faculties using a course book which contains a short section about nouns ending in -ification, -efaction and -isation. The section follows a larger section about clean coal technology processes, which was usually interesting only to some students. Exploring the wordlist tool, in particular its advanced settings made me invent a follow-up exercise which would make the word formation section more engaging for all student.



      1. Select the BAWE corpus.
      2. Open the Wordlist tool.
      3. Use its advanced option.
      4. Select “noun”.
      5. Select “ending with”.
      6. Type a suffix.
      7. Select physical sciences disciplines as a subcorpus
      8. See the results of search.

      TASK part I -TABLE

      Using the advanced wordlist tool set as in the introduction and a dictionary find three pairs of words (1, 2, 3), each of which follows the patterns in the table below. Choose words from Sketch Engine results that you find useful and you would like to remember. Start with searching for nouns ending in -ification, -efaction and -isation  with the advanced wordlist tool. Next add them to the table, guess related verbs and look up their spelling in the dictionary.


      TASK part II – EXAMPLES

      Go to concordances of a chosen noun (three dots). Then use “Good dictionary examples” icon to find an example which help you remember the word.

      How easy did you find the tool?
      In my opinion Sketch Engine gives teachers opportunities to prepare fresh customized exercises. However, it is not possible to make such tasks without good preparation.