Anna Smajdor

      I have thought that I could improve the sequences above.

      • hear, see, etc + object (pronoun) + -ing form
        [lemma=”see|hear|notice|watch”] ([tag=”PPHO.*”] | [tag=”PPIO.*”] | [tag=”PPX.*”])[tag=”VVG.*”], RESULTS
      • hear, see, etc + object (pronoun) + infinitive (without to)
        [lemma=”see|hear|notice|watch”] ([tag=”PPHO.*”] | [tag=”PPIO.*”] | [tag=”PPX.*”])[tag=”VVI.*”], RESULTS

      I have not included 2nd person objective personal pronoun (you), because the English CLAWS part-of-speech tagset does not include something like PPYO or PPO and I cannot find other solution.