3 things I’ve learned:

      1. It is important that they realize that corpus use in the classroom needn’t involve buying or installing new software, needn’t involve building corpora, needn’t involve teaching learners how to create their own corpora and needn’t take up much time

      2. Corpora can complement all sorts of language reception activities and there is no need to create special corpora for this.

      3. Corpora can be used to boost incidental learning, to promote learner autonomy and to create customized exercises for a specifific group of learners.

      2 interesting things:

      1.  The listening comprehension exercise using corpora to show language reception and corpora.

      2. The pre-writng exercise to show language production and corpora.

      1 thing I’m still not sure about:

      To what extent should we use corpora in class teaching? And whether it is time-consuming to use corpora for language teaching?