I enjoyed the unit 1.

      1. Navigation and design: It is very easy to understand. Even though I might had rather good English education compared to other Japanese, I don’t use English in my everyday life, just read a little, but still I never get lost so far.

      2. Content: Very useful. Especially “passive voice” was very practical because I myself have a little difficulty teaching passive sentences in Inodnesian language to Japanese students, but after reading the contents provided, I have more clear view to explain about it. Also, the examples before it (Britich newspapers and bad design) are very easy to understand with the way it provided. (I can click and answer the questions and so on.)

      3. Timing: I suppose I need much more time than other participants because I don’t use English in my everyday life as I mentioned above, but it’s my situation. So far, I think it’s OK.

      4. For me, it is enjoyable because challenging enough.