Juliet Parfitt

      Thanks for the responses so far. I’ve had that experience too @ann-c, of answering quiz questions that are obvious without needing to read the text that they’re based on. However, regular quizzes that @jomtindall mentions actually fulfil the testing principle – students learn new material better and remember it for longer when tested on it, rather than when they just reread it (even a few times).

      In terms of customising training, perhaps one possibility is to give individual learners control to select which parts of the material they study based on their needs, and to be able to move faster through or to repeat sections. This can also of course have it’s disadvantages.

      , you provide a good example of how a course with video after video can become demotivating. It highlights the need for variety, interaction, feedback, and feeling of a teacher presence, which can all be achieved asynchronously.