Nicholas Northall

      Hi Iroda,

      Thanks for posting. I’ve never been to Tashkent, but almost did last month as a conference for Cambridge Teacher Trainers took place there. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend :-( .

      I completely agree about being lucky – I also really enjoy teaching and training and feel very lucky (or perhaps empowered?) to be paid for what I enjoy doing B-) . And I agree with you about teaching in-person for the reasons you state. And also because I believe that for building rapport (you know, when we chit chat with learners before and after a class) can’t really be matched online… Saying this, Manuel and I will try our hardest to develop a great working relationship with you all over this course!

      You give some solid reasons for doing this course. Feeling confident in what you do, I believe, comes across when we deliver workshops to other teachers. I hope completing this course not only gives you ideas and suggestions to use in your own teaching and learning, but also strengthens your own beliefs about what you do.