Hi everybody

      My name is Erica. I’m from Italy but I’m based in the UK, where I’ve lived for about 10 years.

      This is my 3rd year of teaching post-Celta; in those years I taught young learners, teenagers and adults in different teaching settings, such as EFL (General English and Cambridge exam prep) and ESOL, which is what I’ve been teaching lately. I still haven’t had the chance to teach EAP, so I can’t really comment on it, but what I enjoy teaching the most is exam preparation. It’s probably due to my love for grammar and all those exercises that help students notice patterns and collocations.

      I decided to embark on this DELTA adventure because (like Robert) I’m interested in course material writing and (like Gajinder and Iroda) I’d like to become a better educator or even a CELTA trainer.

      As a result of this course, I expect to be able to comment and reflect on different assessment procedures, lesson planning and curriculum design.

      I can’t wait to start working with you all!